How To Keep Water Out Of Ears While Swimming

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Patricia Warren

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Swimming is one of the incredible workouts that may help you develop various diving skills. This activity is for all age groups, ensuring proper mental and physical health functioning. 

Most of us are under the nervousness of water entering our ears while swimming. It can lead to various infections in the ear canal. Moreover, the likelihood of hearing troubles may also emerge. 

We understand you are here to get the cures out of this article. Be rest assured that there are many solutions to such kinds of issues. We will indeed address it with the pro recommendations so that you can relish your swimming passion positively without any hindrance. 

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 Here’s the complete list of suggestions to protect your ears from water while swimming. 

1. Shake Your Earlobe

When the water gets stuck into the ear, whether it has entered while bathing or swimming, you must constantly jiggle your earlobe to remove the water immediately from the ears. 

It is one of the trusted methods because it primarily works straight away. However, ensure to pull the earlobe gently and move your head downwards to release excess water.

If you are experiencing any sort of pain while pulling the ears, you may directly reach out to a doctor for better treatment instantly, as it may be an indication of an ear infection.  

2. Form A Vacuum

Creating a vacuum helps a lot in drawing the water out of the ear. 

Firstly, you are required to tilt your head diagonally and allow your ear to relax into your cupped palm. Ensure that the cupping should be very tight, and the air must get trapped inside. 

Once you understand the cupping strategy, gently press the air towards your head and release it, and you need to repeat the back and forth movement with a cupped palm several times until the water comes out. 

Lastly, move your head downwards to let the water gutter out. 

3. Absorption Of Water

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The standard technique which people usually follow is to squeeze out the water with the help of a blow dryer. The heat generated by the blow dryer helps absorb the water from the ears. Ensure to power on the dryer to the minimum range to avoid accidents. 

We suggest you keep the dryer’s mouth a foot away from your ear and move it carefully to release the water out through the evaporation process. 

The heat from a blow dryer can help evaporate the water inside your ear canal. Always perform this pro tip in a clean environment free of dust particles. 

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4. Home Remedies

Home remedies are indeed an excellent solution for nearly most of the problems. They do work like magic sometimes. 

Firstly, alcohol and vinegar are the two main elements that aid us in clearing out the water and residue from the ear, helping us eliminate bacteria and related infections. The aspects like vinegar help to remove the earwax build-up very easily. 

You must be wondering how this works? Combine an equal quantity of the elements, alcohol, and vinegar into a jar. Mix it and secure it into a separate pot. Pour two to three drops of liquid and gently massage your ear so that the liquid reaches its targeted place. 

Avoid using such remedies if you are dealing with ear pain, infection, cuts, or ruptured eardrum. 

5. Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Drops

Hydrogen peroxide solutions are excellent treatments to remove the excess water from the ear. Firstly, it helps clear the debris or any earwax present in the ear, which creates a blockage and does not allow water to release.

These eardrops are readily available online, and you are supposed to mix 3% of this solution into an equal quantity of water. Put 2-3 drops of this eardrop, tilting your head upwards and waiting for a few minutes to see the results. 

Avoid using such drops if you recently have had any ear infection, open cuts, or ruptured drum. 

6. Use Olive Oil

Using olive oil certainly helps you get rid of ear infections and efficiently remove water. Heat some olive oil at a warm temperature and pour a few drops into your ear through a dropper.

Later, rest on the other side, move on the same side, and drain the water effortlessly. 

7. Other Tips

There are several other solutions to try out apart from the above-listed remedies. 

You can take the benefit of gravity; for this, you have to lie down for some time and place your head on some cloth to absorb the water. It may help you drain the water out. 

If the water gets stuck in the middle of your ear, you should yawn or chew gums to get relief from middle ear congestion. 

The steaming process also helps to remove the excess water from the ear. Use this method for 10 to 15 minutes and move your head to release the stuck water. 


There are many more ways to keep the water out while swimming. If you are a passionate swimmer, using an earplug helps arrest the water from entering the ear

Following the above-mentioned tips can be a great idea to get rid of such problems instantaneously. However, if you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or ear infections, contacting your nearest doctor is the only option for curing the disease entirely.

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