Fresh & Sweet Fashion … at Wimbledon 2011

There is a sweet smell of strawberries and cream swooping through the jones+jones office today as the Wimbledon Championships continue to offer that Summer 2011 boost to our wardrobes.

The aroma of FRESH fruit colours and skimpy skirts are definitely what is found on all style icons in the fashion world today.  London Fashion Week follows this sweet and delicious trend and shows it off in their Summer 2011 collections.

London Fashion Week (2011)

Our jones+jones Candy Skirts certainly tick all these fashion boxes and is a MUST HAVE fashion piece to complete your NOW summer look in 2011.

The jones+jones Candy Skirts offer flamboyant colours, Orange and Lemon, along with bold pleats to show off your sunray look of sheer style and craze for fashion – which we love!  Their satin ribbon-bow waistband, topped by a ruffle top and petticoat trim completes the look you want to give your step that extra stride.

If you fancy a boost of fresh and sweet style to your wardrobe – Check out our Candy Skirts NOW!

With love,