Surviving Your Work Christmas Night Out…

Sure, lots of people are cutting back and not throwing extravagant bashes for Christmas and those other winter events this year, but almost every company is going to have some sort of Holiday Party. Here are some rules to get you through yours and not get you fired.

The thing about the holiday party is that it is in a tricky middle-ground where you’re supposed to hang out with your coworkers, let loose, and have fun but you can’t have too much fun or people are going to be whispering about you behind your back. You have to keep that balance. Here are some strategies for getting along with everyone and maybe even making you a shining star of the office.


1. Two Drink Maximum

I know you don’t want to hear this, especially if there is an open bar at your holiday party, but this is really just smart for everyone. Face it, you’re not at a festival, and you don’t have the tolerance of when you were. When you start drinking bad things start happening, so just have a couple of cocktails to loosen up and then switch to cranberry and soda (no vodka). Everyone will think you’re tossing them back so there won’t be any peer pressure, but you’ll keep a lid on your bad behavior.


2. Show Up to Work the Next Day

Let’s say you don’ t listen to me (how dare you!) and you get drunk at the party, and let’s say your company is stupid enough to have their party in the middle of the week. If those two things happen, you have to go to work the next day. If you don’t, everyone will know why and they will sit around and talk about your bad behavior the night before twice as much. If you’re there, they have to sneak around and do it behind your back, which will cut down on the office gossip by at least 50%. You’re already in trouble, don’t make it worse.


3. Pig Out

Since you’re on alcohol restriction, you have to do something to overindulge. Go for the food. Hopefully you work somewhere with enough taste and class to order up a bunch of good appetisers or a buffet or something. Go to town on the catering. Eat like a Biggest Loser contestant the day before filming starts. Load up that plate and go back for seconds. You earned this, and you’re going to start working it off in January anyway. And yes, hit that dessert plate. Hit it hard.


4. Dress Up

No, don’t bust out the hideous Christmas sweater like your Aunt Denise, but wear something nice and festive. Not festive in a holiday way, but like you’re going to a nice, fancy party, which hopefully you are. Make it look like you put a little bit more effort in than you do on the normal day. People like that.


5. No Kissing

The holiday party is not the time to indulge in your office crush by getting him or her drunk and taking advantage. This is a big no-no. Don’t be that guy, and don’t be that girl. Just wait for the company picnic this summer. That’s what classy people do.


6. Documentation

Since you’re staying sober(ish) and keeping your hands to yourself, what should you do to pass the time? Document everyone who isn’t following this advice and making a complete idiot out of themselves. If it’s just a mildly annoying picture, post it on Facebook and tag them. If it’s really incriminating, you know what to do with it. Congratulations on your promotion.


7. Go Alone

Just because you have to suffer through a night of office torture does not mean one of your friends or loved ones needs to as well. Sure there might be fancy food and an open bar, but if your +1 doesn’t behave themselves, that’s going to reflect negatively on you. And why would they want to come? They don’t know anyone, they don’t care about your office in-jokes and gossip, and they certainly aren’t going to further their own career (unless it’s at your expense). If people expect your spouse to come, just say, “Oh it’s his office party tonight too.” Instant excuse! Trust me, he’ll thank you for it anyway.


8. Schmooze with Spouses

Not everyone is smart enough to take my advice (how dare they!) so if all of your coworkers bring their spouses, then it’s time for you to get to work. Here is the secret to working an office party: don’t go and brown nose your boss, get friendly with his or her spouse. Putting your nose halfway up your boss’ ass is so transparent that everyone is going to see what you’re doing. But if you talk to his or her significant other, then you’re just being a good sport. Your boss already knows all about your personality and your strengths and weaknesses, but if his wife is telling him the whole way home how charming and sweet and smart and funny you are, you’re going to rise in his estimation.


9. Overspend on Secret Santa

If your office makes you draw names and buy a gift for someone or put a gift into a pool that everyone picks from, be sure to go over the limit. I’m not talking about buying a £100 watch when £5 is the agreed amount, but just go slightly over. If it’s supposed to be £15, spend £20. If it’s supposed to be £25, go £35. Just make sure that yours is the nicest and most sought after gift. No one wants to be labeled the cheap one who put some already-scratched lottery tickets in the bag. Make sure everyone knows that you have great taste and money to burn. The halo will glow after you all year.


10. No Work Talk

If you really want to get ahead at the office, people need to think you have a life outside of it. Talk to people about their hobbies and interests. Ask people where their kids are going to school and how their parents are doing after that operation. You don’t even really have to listen, but just let people ramble on and on about themselves for a bit. They’ll think you’re cool. They’ll think you’re a friend. Then when it comes time to fire someone, they’ll axe someone else who never asked about their kids. That’s how you stay employed, by being shrewder and more congenial than the rest.


Hopefully these help you!

Love j+j x

Christmas Boutique

We’ve only got three weeks left until Christmas and we’re so excited after decorating the Boutique!! Pop along to Spitalfields Market to have a look and get in the spirit!!

Boutique Blog 2 Boutique Blog

Love j+j x

#DailyEdit – Barry M

We absolutely love to paint our nails and if we had the time we’d have a different colour everyday to match our outfits!! Any time we need a new colour we instantly run to the Barry M counter, they have every colour under the sun!!

BarryM 2

Check out their amazing new Christmas Gift Set, you’ll never be without a colour!


Love j+j x

#ChristmasEdit – Party Hair Trends


big_updo TIP: Use lots of product to get big voluptuous hair this party season. show off those locks and add the illusion of lots of hair where there isn’t much by back combing an bee-hiving!




hair clipsTIP : There is a great selection of jewelled headband’s and hair slides this A/W and the perfect way to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your outfit by carefully considering your hairdo and its accessory!



TIP: Easy to get hold of and what a transformation they make! Use a doughnut hair ring for the perfect neat and prim top but. Experiment with the situation of the bun on your head and give your hairdo that edge!




plaits 2

TIP : Adding plaits is a simply way to refresh and update your hairdo for your party. They are intricate and look that little bit extra special! GET PRACTISING plaits

Love j+j x

#ChristmasEdit – Party Dresses

Party Guide

It’s getting near that time again ladies and you need to start thinking ahead! Your Christmas night out can be your best or worst night out ever but whatever the outcome make sure you’re looking fabulous in one of these numbers!! We’ve also got the perfect party hairstyles and nails edits to follow!


Keira is your perfect Christmas party dress to see you through the whole season. Elegant and glamorous you can pair this dress with almost anything! We were thinking dark red nails and sling back sandals.


Jade is the ever delicate pleated dress that is perfect for winter with it’s snowy colour. nothing compliments the icy white tones of this outfit more than deep red accessories!


Marianne is your ultimate metallic number for this party season. Who doesn’t like a touch of gold at Christmas time. The flattering dress accentuates the feminine curves and suits many shapes.


Lorna is your edgy look for this season! Team it with a pair of chunky shoe boots and over the top silver jewellery for a show stopping look!

Love j+j x

#ChristmasEdit – Work Do Party Nails


3f27cbcdd6b34ce5b510fa1da7fa602dHeres a little compilation of some of our favourite nail art inspiration for the party season. Sit back by the fire, stick on a nice movie and practice those nails for the work Christmas party, its getting close….

2red and gold


christmas nails



What ones will you be sporting this Xmas season??

Love j+j x



#Blogger – Leticia Oliveira

The beautiful Leticia Oliveira from Blog da Le has styled the Tan Red Dress perfectly for this Christmas Season! Get your heels and sparkles out to shine just as brightly as she is!!


Red Tan 6Red Tan 10 Red Tan 7 Red Tan 8Red Tan 11 Red Tan 9  Red Tan 11

Love j+j x


We’ve ventured in to a brand new season and here at jones+jones we are ready to make this transition effortless whilst keeping you head to toe on trend.

Get your new A/W wardrobe up and running with our new uniqueness and flare. Drawing inspiration from the great Gatsby and dark romance, our designers have accompanied intricate lace with a distinctive colour palette of purples, burgundies and navy’s, red’s creams and blacks,  paired with a Baroque inspired palette of gold, bronze and silver’s. Some of which feature in swirling luxurious laces.

To share the new excitement behind our fresh new collection, we invited some special guest’s to attend an exclusive press review on Thursday…


WELL it happened and how completely fabulous it was! A BIG thank you to all who came down to preview the next chapter in our new A/W collection!



TITLEDelicate lace, and decadent sequins…watch this space!

 Intricate lace was set to be a huge trend for A/W ’13 and a big deal for the likes of Ellie Saab, Erdem and Dolce & Gabbana during the catwalk shows. Lace is a big part of our brand and these inspirational collections have helped the reworking of some of our classic styles.


Our team of girls were Looking GORGEOUS in the new Pink Jamie Dress, Black Jamie dress and our stunning new slip dress that we are very excited about!

team This A/W at jones+jones will not disappoint, especially those of you who are familiar with the signature jones+jones party dress. Were bringing you the best in innovative design with that added glitz and glamour that makes our jones+jones fans weak at the knees and unable to say no to that perfect party dress.


The fabulous team of Girls from Cheryl’s Closet wearing the classy Camilla dress, The Cassandra Dress and the Black Lace Davina Dress #jjloves

We had SO much fun on Thursday with people from the likes of girl band XYRA, press and bloggers attending the event.




They didn’t leave empty handed either! We gave away our gorgeous jones+jones goody bag to each lucky attendee which contained a beautiful signed sketch of a new j+j dress by our very own designers and a selection of beauty goodies including stunning painted Denman brushes, lee Stafford hair treatments and a little treat from Bourjois!


Where ever your headed we’ve got it covered. Be sure to check out online some off the new collection now available to you lovely ladies.


 Love j+j




THE STYLIST’S GUIDE :The A/W beauty trends you need to know!

Here are some exclusive beauty trends that are going to be massive this A/W.

From the catwalk at london Fashion Week to our makeup bags, here are the hottest colour trends for your eyes and lips this new season!

purple haze awThe perfect accompaniment for your purple Davina dress.  AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE

feline flicks

Use the feline flick to enhance your Chynna playsuit look. Its luring and dramatic, perfect for your A/W evening occasions! BUY YOURS HERE

lip stains

An elegant side sweep and a subtle berry stain is all you need to set off your laura boarder dress. new to our A/W collections, you can shop the look HERE


BUY YOUR CHLOE DRESS HERE Available in other colours..


Audrey dress available online only £60  bad ass hairThe perfect hair for the perfect party dress! buy your ROXY dress now!