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Today our buy of the day is Sky high heels!!

Every girl needs a pair of sky high killer heels!

Take a look at our favourites!!

“The sky’s the limit”

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Food Swaps!!

Trying to loose weight for your summer bod? Heres how too… The easy way!

Swapping foods for something just as tasty which actually makes a difference!

Swap: Croutons for walnuts

Choosing the salad option is supposed to be the healthier choice, so ditch the carb- loaded croutons and switch for delish walnuts packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Swap: Beef for turkey

Are you lover for burgers? try having turkey burgers containing half the saturated fat of lean beef and just as tasty!

Swap: Crisps for popcorn

If your feeling peckish, grab a bag of popcorn, its high in fibre which makes you feel fuller. Just stay away from adding butter and salt!

Swap: Sour cream for non-fat Greek yogurt

We all love a spud, especially when it’s cold, but if you want a healthier filling dob yogurt inside instead of your sour cream. They’re both good sources of protein, calcium and vitamin B-12 but a typical serving of sour cream has a lot less nutrients and more fat than a serving of Greek yogurt.

Swap: Chocolate for dates

Every girl loves their chocolate! Dates are a great alternative to chocolate. Dates will satisfy that sweet tooth and gain nutrients in the process!

Swap: A normal sandwich for a Thinwich!

Sandwiches are a popular lunch choice with most people. Opt for Warburtons sandwich thin which is only 100 calories and tastes amazing stuffed with a filling of your choice.

Swap: Nando’s for home-made Nando’s

Giving up Nandos is pretty hard. Try testing out new recipes and make your own, easy to make and perfect to enjoy with a drop of the Nandos PERi-PERi sauce.

Happy Eating!!!

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We LOVE Plaits

We LOVE plaits here in the office!! check out our fave styles!

Copy Alessandra Ambrosio with this easy breezy summer look. Perfect for the beach and festival season.

Copy Selena Gomez and Nicole Richie with their 90′s high rise plait!, Bling it up with a sparkly scrunchie to create the full 90′s look.

Check out Olivia Wilde and Poppy Delevingne’s effortless halo braids!, perfect for both day and night!

We love Rita Ora’s twin fishtail plaits! mix it up by adding in a ribbon to the plaits! Double the trouble!

Check out our previous hair tutorials!

Happy Plaiting!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2014

Arcadia Delivery Procedures (Landed) Sunglasses spring summer 14

Heres are some of favourite sunglasses for spring/summer 14, Keep yours eyes peeled!!

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j+j goes to Vegas!

The j+j team headed to Vegas last week on a fashion trip! Here are some photos to see what we got up too!

We took our new Spring/Summer collection to the Magic Market Week trade show to showcase our new lines!

Vegas 4

We had a great time!

Keep checking our blogs!!

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How to……. Waterfall braid

1. Prepare hair for braiding. Hair braids best when it is damp, clean and fully brushed before braiding.

  • Wash and condition your hair. Remove excess water using a clean towel. The braiding will be most successful if you don’t fully dry your hair.

2. Brush out any knots with a wide tooth comb. Brush underneath the nape of the neck to ensure no knots remain.

3.Part your hair in the middle.

4. Section off the top third of your hair. Begin sectioning from your forehead and part. Use the wide tooth comb to section off your hair and hold the section in one hand.

  • Divide the section into three parts.

5. Braid the hair toward the back of your head in a French braid style. After the first pass, begin working outside pieces of hair into your braid so that you’re essentially French braiding your hair.

6.Create that “waterfall” look. When you’ve reached the last part of the first braid section, drop the last strand of hair. This will make it look like the hair is cascading from the braid.

7.Pick up a new strand of hair located next to the strand you’ve dropped to replace that strand. Continue the waterfall look by picking the next section of hair located beside the hair section you dropped and continue braiding. Continue braiding by cascading the braid toward the middle of the head. Repeat the initial step by continuing the braid and then dropping the last section of hair, but then picking up a section next to the dropped hair section.

8.Secure the braid with bobby pins if needed. Keep bobby pins on hand to provide additional support or to keep errant hair in place.

9.Braid the remaining “tail” until you run out of hair. Complete the look a few ways by either finishing the tail in a normal braid or in a fishtail look.

  • Fishtailing is essentially braiding your hair in a “backwards” fashion (instead of wrapping hair over itself you go underneath).

10. Decorate. Finish with a small hair tie or clip that matches your outfit. Do not use an office rubber band as it will get stuck in your hair and damage it, but orthodontic rubber bands work well. Depending on the event, you could either integrate a matching clip or hide the hair tie into your tail by choosing a tie in the same color as your hair.

Happy Braiding

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Razzle Dazzle

Were still loving the embellishment for this Spring/Summer season!

Check out our favourite designer pieces!

Take a look at our very own embellished dresses!!

Sparkle on girls!

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