8 Top Tips To Perfect Your Makeup!!

Aimtree Ladies Day is soon approaching! Looking your best is priority!

Were here to give you 8 special top tips for applying your makeup!

1. Try using a plastic spoon when applying mascara to your bottom lashes! This will help prevent mascara printed on your skin under your eyes and will help apply a thicker coat.

2. The way you apply your blusher to flatter you the most really depends on what shape your face is. 

3. The scotch eye stencil is a technique to help apply eyeliner and eyeshadow in a perfectly even way, especially when trying out a cat eye look, this technique will perfect your eyes.

4. Eye highlights are the best technique to creating that natural beauty look, try using colours such as whites, creams and pearly colours. This should be applied the middle of the eyelid, the inner corner and just below the eyebrow line.

5. Make sure your lipstick ready by exfoliating your lips using a toothbrush. This brushes off all dead dry skin from your lips so that lipstick looks smooth and irresistible.

6. We all know girls LOVE big eyes! so here is a tip to ensure your eyes have maximum effect. Instead of using black eye liner to colour in your water line use white eyeliner! It gives your eyes a more natural look and makes them look bigger than what any black eyeliner would do!

7.To maximize your eyelashes, try heating up your eyelash curlers using a hairdryer for 3-6 seconds. This will enhance the curl of your eyelashes.

8. And to finish off, To cover them secret blemishes use an eyeshadow brush to apply rather than using the actually stick so you avoid applying it too thick and clumpy.

Thats it girls! All the tips you need to make sure your makeup is perfect!

Have fun girls!

Love j+j x



Ladies Day Outfits!

Aintree ladies day is soon approaching! and we are here to help!

Struggling to find something to Aintree Ladies Day? Don’t worry! we have you covered!

Check out our gorgeous Eve dress here.

Take a look at our classic Audrey Black dress here.

Try out our popular Celine dress here.

Try something different with the Mollie combo! here.

Check out our all new Rose Bud Dress here.

We hope you have a wonderful day in your jones + jones dresses!

And dont forget to send us your pictures!

love j+j x

Happy Mothers Day

Struggling to find the perfect present for your mum? Don’t panic! Were here to help!

Here is our Top 10 Mothers Day Presents!!

1. Book an over night spa break for 2! – This will give you chance to relax and spend quality time with your mum on Mothers Day :)

2. You cant go wrong with flowers- Keep it simple and send her a bunch of her favourite flowers to the house! Its guaranteed she will love it!!

3. A personalized phone cover case- You can do this on many websites including eBay! This will show you have made effort and thought a lot!

4. A Kindle – If your mum loves a good book and still doesn’t have one? Then this is a must buy! Perfect for book worms!!

5. Jewellery- choose something sentimental that she can keep forever! Try getting it engraved to make it personal!

6. Make a book full of memories and photos!

7.If shes a big tea drinker- buy her a cute teacup and saucer just for her!

8. Buy her something small like a box of her favourite chocolates!- Perfect for a cosy Sunday night!

9. Look out for a new bag from her favourite store!- Girls can never have too many bags!

And Finally…

10. Buy her a new jones and jones dress!

Happy Mothers Day

love j+j x


Food Swaps!!

Trying to loose weight for your summer bod? Heres how too… The easy way!

Swapping foods for something just as tasty which actually makes a difference!

Swap: Croutons for walnuts

Choosing the salad option is supposed to be the healthier choice, so ditch the carb- loaded croutons and switch for delish walnuts packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Swap: Beef for turkey

Are you lover for burgers? try having turkey burgers containing half the saturated fat of lean beef and just as tasty!

Swap: Crisps for popcorn

If your feeling peckish, grab a bag of popcorn, its high in fibre which makes you feel fuller. Just stay away from adding butter and salt!

Swap: Sour cream for non-fat Greek yogurt

We all love a spud, especially when it’s cold, but if you want a healthier filling dob yogurt inside instead of your sour cream. They’re both good sources of protein, calcium and vitamin B-12 but a typical serving of sour cream has a lot less nutrients and more fat than a serving of Greek yogurt.

Swap: Chocolate for dates

Every girl loves their chocolate! Dates are a great alternative to chocolate. Dates will satisfy that sweet tooth and gain nutrients in the process!

Swap: A normal sandwich for a Thinwich!

Sandwiches are a popular lunch choice with most people. Opt for Warburtons sandwich thin which is only 100 calories and tastes amazing stuffed with a filling of your choice.

Swap: Nando’s for home-made Nando’s

Giving up Nandos is pretty hard. Try testing out new recipes and make your own, easy to make and perfect to enjoy with a drop of the Nandos PERi-PERi sauce.

Happy Eating!!!

love j+j x

j+j goes to Vegas!

The j+j team headed to Vegas last week on a fashion trip! Here are some photos to see what we got up too!

We took our new Spring/Summer collection to the Magic Market Week trade show to showcase our new lines!

Vegas 4

We had a great time!

Keep checking our blogs!!

Love j+j x

Razzle Dazzle

Were still loving the embellishment for this Spring/Summer season!

Check out our favourite designer pieces!

Take a look at our very own embellished dresses!!

Sparkle on girls!

love j+j x


j+j goes to London Fashion Weekend!!

Last Friday us girls are jones + jones took a a trip to London Fashion Weekend conclude the end of fashion week! Here are a few snaps from our VERY fun day out! Enjoy!

Heres our 360 degree angle photograph taken by Canon!

After a long hard day at work, we felt we deserved a FREE massage!! and a FREE Kinder Bueno while we wait!!

Getting in the mood for summer with the Sunglass Hut!

Here are some of the girls we spotted wandering around!! We love their girly style!

We had a great day!

Love j+j x


Happy Valentines Day!!

The jones and jones boyfriends have been generous this year, take a look a some of our flowers which have been delivered.

Happy Valentines Day!

love j+j x

A single girls Valentines Day……..

Who says Valentines Day is just for couples! Here’s how you can make Valentines Day great being single!

1. Just because your single, doesn’t mean you have to spend the Valentines weekend alone. Round up all your single girlfriends and plan a crazy single night out to the local bars and clubs- no men needed.

2. Treat yourself to some eye candy by renting a bunch of movies with you Favorite crushes in.

3. Since you aren’t wasting your dollar on a boyfriend you may as well spend it on yourself!, Head down to the nearest shopping center and go crazy!

4.Organize a Valentines version of secret Santa! draw names out of a hat and get each other a valentines gift so no one is left empty handed.

5. Get a guy friend to take you to dinner! It will be fun and no strings attached!

6. Host a house party and invite all your remaining single friends, who needs relationships?

Don’t forget to wear your jones and jones dresses!