5 Tips to get what YOU want on Valentines day!

The perfect gift may seem obvious to you, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a nice box of your favorite chocolates, a dozen roses or a silver charm necklace but for men its alien to them. A simple web search for advice is just not an option for these men but we have a few thoughts to lead your partners in the right direction….

1. Be the sneaky girlfriend!- Leave webpages and search engine history’s open on his laptop so you know he definitely will see. Make sure he goes shopping with you at weekends so that you can point out items you like and he can see the items of clothing you are trying on. Try dropping a few pointers such as, i really like it but cant afford it this month or ask him for his opinion on whether you should make the purchase.

2.Use the “my friend would love this” excuse, Men know deep down that there is no “friend” and that you are really talking about yourself. If he doesn’t seem like hes clicked yet, repeatedly talk about this “friend” of yours that he will have never heard of before. Just hope for the best that he doesn’t think your a weirdo with an imagery friend cos there may not be a valentines present at all if so.

3. Try something more obvious, offer to cook dinner for him one night close to valentines day using Alpha- Spaghetti. Literally spell out what you want onto his plate. Act normal and pretend it wasn’t on purpose. He will get it and hopefully whisk off to his laptop to order the item.

4. Make a list of all your needs and wants in a notebook, make it look like a shopping list. Leave it lying around in the living room or somewhere he will definitely come across it. This also gives him the freedom to still use his imagination and pick the item under a category.

5. If all else fails BE DIRECT!- Be angry and demand exactly what you want, direct him when necessary and he should eventually get you exactly what you want for Valentines day.

If he still gets you a rubbish present, dump him!







10 Valentines gift ideas for him!

for him We know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for you partner!, So we’ve done our research and come up with 10 great Valentines present ideas.

1. Take him for a Fast and Furious experience in a Ferrari!

2.Or maybe a tour of silver stone grounds

3. Take a trip to a spa for a relaxing weekend that you both can enjoy.

4. Keep it simple and go for a wallet- Practical and reliable.

5. Beer tasting for 2- every mans dream

6. A romantic Gold weekend at St Albans

7. A new I phone case

8. A sneaky hit flask to hide in his tuxedo!

9.A romantic lunch on the Thames river for 2

10. Or how about something a little bit more unique with a Couples makeover and photo shoot session!





10 Valentines gifts for her!

We understand how hard and last minute it is to find a Valentines present for your partner … so we have come up with 10 Valentines gift ideas for you!

1. Jewellery- diamonds are a girls best friend!, no girlfriend will be disappointed on valentines day with this present!

2. Lingerie- Expensive lingerie is always a winning present!- make sure you choose a style which suits her fit and taste.

3. If your feeling even more adventurous, take a trip to a carefully selected B&B which you know your partner will love for a country get a way.- Why not stop off at a Spa which both, you and your partner can enjoy.

4. If your unsure about what your partner will like then stick to the basics and go with a body care set.body care set

5. A Handbag- An accessory women can never have enough of. Try stuffing the bag with little treats for her to find.

6. Or how about re-creating your very first date!- Romantic and Imaginative!

7. Flowers- A classic that works like magic!lilies

8. Chocolate-The way to a woman’s heart!

9. Picture and frame- give her a portrait of both of you in a valentines frame for a thoughtful gift.

10. If shes a wine lover then order a personalized engraved win glass and bottle for her to enjoy on the day.




Perfect Valentines Dress!!

Struggling to  find what to wear on Valentines day? well we have found you the perfect outfit!

Our Poppy dress will look fab teamed with these platform heels and cute double knot headband. Perfect for a hot date or chilled drinks with friends.












Why we love to celebrate Valentines day!!

why we love valentines day

Here at the jones and jones head office, we LOVE celebrating Valentines day! Here are our 10 reasons to celebrate Valentines day….

1.Its a tradition!, chocolate, flowers and a card what more could a girl ask for?

2. Love encourages creativity, express your feelings through words with a poem or love note.

3.We love any excuse to eat a fancy homemade meal for 2, Romantic and tasty.

4.Single this Valentines? why not come clean to your crush or use it as an excuse for a night out with your best girlfriends.

5.Start an adventure, try something new this Valentines, something you and your partner have always wanted to try.

6.Pamper yourself, Take a peaceful trip to a spa for the weekend while showering each other with gifts. Perfect.


7. Enjoy a cosy night in with a takeaway and your favorite movie.

8. Hit the town. When was the last time you enjoyed a drink out with your partner? go to a gig, or attend a party with your partner and closest friends.

9. Spread your love, send your favorite people e-cards to show your love for them.

10. Whisk your partner away for a romantic weekend abroad or if single organize a big road trip.

Happy Valentines day!





Here are your Valentines winners!!, We will be sending this cute couple off to Paris for the day!! Tessa looks great in her Red poppy dress!

Well done to Tessa and her boyfriend and to everyone else that entered the competition!


Keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic jones and jones competitions!





Well played ladies!, The standard of dresses this year were better than ever! Here are our faves!

 Rita Ora dazzled in her knee length Lanvin frock with a finger full of matching rings and a Jimmy Choo clutch!

‘I was going to do floor length but it’s 4pm so I thought I’d do something short and kind of cute and glitzy,’ she told Seacrest.


Beyonce looked sensational as always in her Micheal Costello designed cream floral lace gown- simply stunning!

Katy Perry is making sweet music in her musical theme Valentino dress!- WE LOVE

All in red!- Colbie Callat, Tamara Braxton and Miranda Brambert all sported for scarlet gowns!

Here is your jonesandjones grammy outfit! ENJOY!









SS14 Couture!!

Check out our favorite Couture pieces from SS14!!



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Happy New Year!

The jones + jones team would like to wish every one of our glamorous customers a very exciting and Happy New Year!

Though the jones + jones team may like to think that we’re borderline perfection, we do occasionally realise that a couple of tweaks here and there wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen, which leads us onto New Year’s resolutions. We all make them, we all think (or pretend to think) we’ll have a go at keeping them and perhaps once or twice we’ve heard about people who manage to. We need some inspiration this year so let us know your New Year’s resolution as a comment to our competition* post on our Facebook wall and our favourite resolution will receive 50% discount off their next order on jonesandjonesfashion.com!

Happy New Year!

With love, jones + jones x

*Competition closes at noon on Tuesday the 3rd of January 2012.

Perrie Edwards wears the jones + jones Border Laura Lace Dress!

We have just spotted that Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards wore the jones + jones Border Laura Dress in black lace last week to the 2011 Sun Military Awards!

Styled with heeled black ankle boots, an edgy black leather jacket and a gold bow belt at the waist, adding festive glitz and glamour, we think Perrie looks stunning!

The jones + jones Border Laura Dress in black lace

Combining a sheer chiffon lined floral lace bodice with a fitted waist, and full and flirty skirt complete with net-trimmed petticoat, this dress is definitely red carpet worthy!

Steal Perrie’s style with the gorgeous and best selling Border Laura Dress in black lace, available on our website here and in our concessions in select Topshop stores while stocks last!

With love, jones + jones x

Images courtesy of various sources