What you need to know about us and our dresses

edgy, directional, strong, feminine dresses

jones + jones is a fashion forward brand, with a strong following, the brand to look out for.

It’s a feminine, sexy, sassy, inspired mix of design from the 40′s and 50′s jet set with its own quirky, modern twist and a great mix of fabrics and tailoring.

Designed by the jones sisters, one loving the street trends of London and the other the opulence of the South of France.

All garments are designed and produced in our own studios in the UK, allowing the latest trends to appear as if by magic overnight.

Find our online shop, here: www.jonesandjonesfashion.com

39 thoughts on “What you need to know about us and our dresses

  1. I bought a Jones&Jones dress for New Year and it was amazing. It was black and fitted so well. I loved it! I will definatly buy more dresses in the future!!!!

  2. hey there j + j this isn’t a reply I know. However i wanted to ask a question and didn’t know how to on the blog ! Any who Me and my 2 girlfriends are having this major bash for our 14th in a club but i have no idea what to wear and I found your website and every thing is just my type, but i am quite a big girl so I don’t know what to get ???
    Any suggestions if soo I have a blog on blogger called JAM Knows… and you can find me on twitter and facebook!
    I would be soo eternally grateful. I and just Jennie Martin on fb but on twitter I am JAMjennie

  3. hey j&j love your website and heard about you from a friend but i was wondering if you do an actual store in london? thankss

  4. I am really interested in buying the Vicky Dress, however after reading reviews i am afraid it will be too short on me… I am about 5’6” and a half and 140 pounds… Do you think it will be too short? please help! xo

  5. Hi
    Just wondering if there is anywhere I can get hold of the gold or silver sequin Julia dress? Really wanted to wear it to my 21st and can’t find it anywhere. Please help me!


  6. Hello J+J,

    In the Feb edition of British Vogue mag you have an ad with a girl in a navy dress, with see through navy lacy long sleeves and a white/navy lace collar. I’ve only just tracked down the mag to be able to find your name & your site- is this dress a previous seasons? And does that mean, as above, it’s no longer stocked? : (


    • Hi Sophie,

      Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately the mentioned dress is previos season and is no longer in stock.

      Many thanks,

      jones + jones team

  7. Hello, my name is Rebecca and i’ve been searching all over the internet for the “open back lace dress” in white or cream, all sizes. i was hoping that you might still have one in stock or maybe you know where i can buy one. I live in Sweden but i am willing to pay whatever it will cost to send it halfway around the world if that’s what it takes for me to get this dress!

    greatful for a reply

  8. heey, jones and jones really need your help,
    i tried to buy the aubrey black dress but my prom is literally on friday and it will not let me do next day delivery…what should i do?
    and i am really petite 4ft 11inc does this mean the dress will be extremely long on me?

    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you for contacting us. Once you have ordered the dress if you contact us via messaging on your account and let us know when you need the dress by we will send it via express delivery. The dress will still be above the knee on you.

      Many thanks,

      jones + jones team

  9. Heyyy J&J!!

    Could you tell me if your design studios have any internship positions, I am a fashion graduate and would love to have the opportunity to experience your amazing company :)

    Hope to hear from you

    Kimmy <3

  10. Love the design of your dresses just a shame you don’t stock any that are long enough to cover my knickers (I’m only 5″7′ but tried on a friends order from you and all of them were too short). I’ll keep an eye on your site and see if you get more variation in length in your collection.

  11. Hi – love your designs – recently changed a Vicki dress for size reasons and it came back in a different fabric – its more like daisies than original. Preferred floral – is thee anything we can do??

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for contacting us. We regulary update our fabrics to keep up with current trends. We hope you like the new design but if you are not satisfield you may send the dress back for a refund.

      Many thanks,

      jones + jones x

  12. Hi!! I want to order ur dresses online but I have never bought ur clothes before so I really dont know the size I should take!! I have 5.6 ft high and 110lbs.. Can u help me?? Thank u very much!!

  13. Hi i am absolutely obsessed with Jones and Jones dresses but I’m desperately looking for the Liberty Print Tilly dress. Will you bring it back is there any available? PLEASE let me know its one of the most fabulous dresses I have ever laid my eyes on.

    • Hi Audrey,

      Thank you for contacting us. The Tilly Liberty Print dress is no longer in production, however check out our website for many great alternatives!

      Many thanks,

      jones + jones team

  14. Hi! I’m wondering if the Vicky cream Dress will be aviable in size 10 soon. If not, I’ll buy it in size 12, but I usally is a size 10, and wonder if the dress will be to long and big. I’m 5 ft 4 high. What do you think, and will it restock soon i size 10?

    • Hi Ingrid,

      It is unlikely that the Vicky Dress in cream will be back in stock in a size 10 as it is now an old spring/summer 12 style. All our dresses are the same length.

      Many thanks,

      jones + jones team

  15. Hi I wanted to know if you are going to be getting the poppy dress in red back in stock in time for Christmas?

    Many Thanks

  16. Hi! I recieved the vicky cream dress on the same pattern as the vivienne black dress. On the picture of the vicky cream dress the pattern was different. Why is it so? Have I got the wrong dress?

    • Hi Ingrid,

      Occasionally we have to update fabrics to keep up with current trends, you have received the updated version of the Vicky Dress :)

      Many thanks,

      jones + jones team

  17. Love the Jones+Jones dresses, very elegant unique and classy.
    I bought the Holly Dress, and would definitely buy many more.
    Keep it up Jones sisters.


  18. Love Jones + Jones dresses! Am gutted that they are too short though :( A little plea for a slightly longer version please…

  19. Hi! I love the dresses and recently ordered one of the new liberty print dresses. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to return it as it is too big, I think its a shame that you don’t do a size 6 dress and would like to ask why you dont?
    Thanks x

  20. Hello! Love your website. I have a question, when do you guys are gonna get in size 6 in the lovely Audrey cream dress? I´m a skinny girl and I don´t think that I can have the size 8, so please answer me. Want this dress SO bad!!!

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