Rock chic or sophisticated fashionista? Two looks, one dress!

The beauty of living in the current fashion world is that you can style yourself to achieve different looks very easily . You can achieve both rock chic and sophisticated fashionista looks with the same dress!

Presenting the Jones + Jones pleated lace Air Dress, available in cream and black. Feminine but chic, it flatters all shapes, and pleats plus lace make it perfect to be on trend for S/S 2011. It can be styled indie, girlie or dressy but we thought we’d suggest two on-trend weekend looks if you’re thinking of heading out tonight…

For a rock chic look, think sexy attitude and a hard-edged femininity – go for leather, animal print and tousled bed-head hair.

The Jones + Jones Air dress in cream lace + the classic black leather biker jacket by Topshop Boutique + The Ally Shoe Boots in taupe snakeskin by Topshop = perfect Rock ChicÂ

The sophisticated fashionista look is forward-thinking. Take inspiration from vintage looks but style them in-line with the seasons trends. The look is edgy and well groomed without looking OTT.

The Jones + Jones Air Dress in black lace + the Ivory Seventies Inspired Blazer by Topshop (make sure you roll up the sleeves slightly and add a statement cuff) + the Panthea Stitch Shoe Boots in black by Topshop = glam, sophisticated Fashionista!

Find all of these gorgeous wardrobe must-haves at including the Jones + Jones Air Dress in cream lace and black lace. The Air Dress is also available in our Topshop concessions and on our website!

2 thoughts on “Rock chic or sophisticated fashionista? Two looks, one dress!

  1. What. an. AMAZING COLOUR! Definitely agree that something so vivid such as this doesn’t need too hevaily accessorising and I think you’ve got it just right with the boots, tights and bangle. Is it sixties? It does look it!

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