How To Avoid Festival Hair Mares

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How To Avoid a Festival Hair Faux Pas


We all know that festivals can be fun…but they can also be pretty damn dirty, muddy and generally lack the 5* hotel kind of amenities; or any amenities at all in fact. Greasy hair is inevitable, and with no electricity for straighteners, hair dryers or curlers. What really are the best ways to prevent having a hair crisis? We’ve gathered together our favourite hair tips and tricks to avoid the classic festival bed head. So whether you’re hitting up Reading or getting groovy at Secret Garden Party your hair mares are a thing of the past.


Grab That Dry Shampoo

Any professional festival goer knows this is the golden rule of ‘festivaling’ dry shampoo is a handy little product that soaks up the oils in your hair whilst adding volume at the same time.  So it’s great for when you’ll be spending time in the heat (this probably won’t be a problem if your in the UK…), heat means sweat, and with sweat comes dirt meaning greasy hair much faster than normal. Keep a handy mini version in your bag so you can top up whenever you see fit.


Flower Crowns


Flower crowns are the queen of concealing dirty roots, the bigger the better when it comes to floral headdresses; not only do they look insane but they can be used for so many things. Hiding what is underneath them is one, you can also use them to keep your hair out of your face or cut them up and pop them in your up do for a dose of colour and something a little unique.

Braids for Days

Braids are 100% our go to festival look, they can work one of two ways we either wait until the 2/3rd day of the fezzie when our hair is starting to shine in ways we don’t want and pull our hair into tight braids to keep it neat and tidy and keep any humidity beaten hair at bay. Not to mention they look awesome and there are so many braiding techniques you can try out (come on we all have that one braid friend who ends up with a queue of mates waiting for there turn). The second way you can use braids to cover our festival hair paus is to wear your hair in tight braids for the first few days of the festival and towards the end of the week simply undo your braids for a crimped, wavy fro any spice girl would be proud of.


Glitter Roots


By far our favourite hair trick for festival season, not only does it look super sassy but it covers every inch of grease your body can omit. Simply pop some lash glue along your parting and sprinkle as much glitter as possible along the part line. You can experiment with hair styles around this, try space buns for a quirky look that keep your hair looking fresh and funky.

Blogger of the Week : Lily Kitten

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 The beautiful blogger Lily Kitten is back and she is rocking jj Studio Darcy Cream Tutu Dress.  The award winning lifestyle and fashion blogger looks amazing in the jj Studio Cream Darcy. The dress is perfect for the race season as its classy and sophisticated.

Lily pairs the dress with amazing accessories and adds a splash of colour to the cream dress, the red floral head piece and wacky sunglasses make the dress edgy and sassy. Lastly the black court heels with a red heart make the outfit young and girly which jones and jones is all about!!


“So here I am, looking (well, feeling) like a princess in my white tulle tutu dress.”


“Jones and Jones show that you don’t need to be dull when dressing modest.” 


Our Top Up Coming Festivals

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Our Up Coming Festival Picks

 Summer has begun and while dreams of glittery faces and soggy wellies are finally here they’ve sprung up so quickly we’ve barely had a chance to get our plans together. There’s one thing that gets us another level of excited in the jones and jones HQ and that’s festival planning. So we thought we would share our knowledge of all things fun and give you the ultimate guide to Britain’s must visit festivals this summer.



As with everything in life (Our favourite part of dinner, our favourite jellybean in the tin) …we always leave the best till last. But this time we couldn’t not mention our favourite fezzie first. Secret Garden Party is pure festival goals, it’s fun, completely bonkers and gives you the chance to be a big kid for one whole weekend. Each year the festival boasts a theme, last year the ingenious theme of ‘Childish Things’ saw festival goers go larger than life, and that’s the great thing about SGP, no one cares how silly they look, the bigger the better is the motto. This year they have chosen ‘The Gardeners Guide to The Galaxy’ so we can expect life sized spaceships, festival goers adorned with metallics and glitter and walking talking aliens running around. SGP is the perfect combination of art, amazing music and everything in between; there is something around every turn. From port-a-loo’s that are actually doors to secret lands and palm readers at your beckon call. It really is a once in a lifetime experience for every kind of partier. Tickets can be purchased HERE.


2. Bestival

Taking place on the beautiful Isle of Wight, Bestival has something for everyone. Having the broadest range of music the boutique festival caters for everyone from hip-hop junkies, to folk lovers. It’s charm and character is what really makes Bestival stand out, everyone is a friend here and the mood is always on a high. It’s aesthetically great with tons of stages decorated to the max. Not only is the music and atmosphere great at Bestival, there is also so much to do. Being a 4 day festival this is so important! From hair bars to rides it’s packed with things to spend your time on when your not soaking up the live music. Although traveling to Bestival can be quite a journey it’s worth it for the feeling of seclusion, to get away from the realities of home and enjoy yourself for a long weekend. Tickets can be purchased HERE.


3. SW4

SW4 is a favourite with Londoners, but is worth the visit if your travelling from a far. It is mainly directed towards dance music, so if your in to DJ’s rather artists then it’s definitely worth the trip. There are a whole host of small boutique festivals focusing on dance music which are fantastic, but in terms of larger festivals this is one of few. Set out like your typical English festival SW4 offers up our festival favourites, with huge tents, and impressive light displays it is a festival done well, and a festival done properly. It’s always buzzy and the tents and stages are always full, it’s also a great festival for up and coming talent, in the smaller tents there’s a more chilled vibe where everyone is checking out the new kids on the block. With great transport links to all areas of London it’s super easy to get to. Tickets can be purchased HERE.


4. The Social

The social is a festival that is growing year on year, from its first year with only 2 stages and a tiny plot of land, it is expanding and making a name for itself in the industry. It’s a relaxed day not taken to seriously; it’s the kind of festival where you wake up in the morning and make the spontaneous decision to go, which is what we love about it. It’s an unexpectedly great day out; it’s an intimate gathering of people who enjoy the same things, so that you don’t feel like your swimming in a sea of people all day. With cute independent brands showcasing with stalls, and boutique food stands the social is small and exciting and defo worth checking out. It usually occurs at the end of September for a last taste for summer before winter draws in. You can purchase tickets HERE.

Jones and Jones Launch Bridal Collection

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 At jones and jones we know weddings can be stressful, tiring and totally overpriced! So last week we launched our first range of stunning bridal gowns. Covering everything from full bride attire, to beautiful dresses fit for your reception to a gorgeous array of bridesmaid’s dresses in kids and adults sizes. Our main aim in creating this collection was to maintain the highest standard of quality, material and love that goes into the garments, whilst creating a price point that doesn’t wipe out your entire wedding budget. With all of the dresses in the collection being priced between £110 - £150 (With bridesmaids being significantly less) you really can’t go wrong. The range of dresses is fit for any bride from shorter tutu style, to classic flowing maxi dresses, we are in the age of the modern bride and wedding stereotypes are going out the window. Simple can be stunning and we really push this idea. In terms of bridesmaids, we have kept a clean colour palette of burgundy’s and gold’s available in a selection of sizes. We also continued our successful mini range so even the children can match; extending the collection with glitter and bows for any baby bridesmaid.





Angelica is the queen of all bridal dresses, following the classic maxi silhouette, this 3 tiered dress combines modern features and timeless style. With a gorgeous mix of fabrics from the mesh skirt to the satin bodice this dress is a feast for the eyes. It’s delicate, yet quirky, with thin spaghetti strap details and edgy shorter underskirt. We recommend completing your outfit with some silver heeled sandals and a crystal encrusted hair slide. Finish with a sleek side bun and glowy makeup, for a fresh and youthful look. Priced at £150 it is inexpensive yet looks luxury down to the finest detail.




Lacey is an absolute winner, forget obvious bridal gowns and opt for this gorgeous lace number, inspired by vintage collections and with inspiration taken from traditional Spanish clothing. In Lacey you really can look like a sexy senorita, it’s ¾ sleeves and subtle silhouette are so simple that they speak for themselves. With a shorter skirt length this dress is divine for beach, or summer weddings; comfortable and flawless it can take you right through from ceremony to reception. Add  a flower in the hair for an exotic look and go for a daringly bold shoe or opt for bare feet for a raw, natural look. Lacey is priced at £150, it uses the finest lace and is made from scratch in our London studio’s.




Mini Dirty Dancing:

I know we are focusing on our bride’s dresses, but we couldn’t not touch upon the gorgeous ‘mini dirty dancing dress.’ A pocketsized twist on an old favourite here at jones and jones, the dirty dancing is a cute and chic dress for your little bridesmaid. Coming in this lovely burgundy colour you can easily match with your adult bridesmaids. Featuring a focal point of the bow detail, this dress is summery and fun and easy for your little one to move about in, especially during a long day at a wedding. Dirty dancing is priced at £45 and is the perfect addition to any little diva’s wardrobe, it can be worn countless time, not just on your wedding day.




Blogger of the Week : Lily Kate

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Our favourite Jones and Jones Blogger is back, Lily Kate who runs blog Joli House is the ultimate Jones and Jones girl. Some may recgonise Lily from our jj Studio Collection, modelling our ballerina range. Both beauty and brains, Lily has been occupied studying, but is now back to full time blogging, and we can't wait to see her in our Jones and Jones Summer 16 Collection! 

Jones and Jones Hazel Grey Lace Dress is the ideal Summer day to night dress ( now also availble in cream), with it's sheer panneling and dainty skater skirt, this dress gives an illusion of it being a 2 piece. 

Read Joli House Here

 Yep it is a dress, not a co-ord – there’s a nifty layer of sheer fabric holding it together. Kinda different to all the other Jones & Jones dresses I’ve worn before, and I like that! As nipped in lace dresses go, it’s pretty casual.


Check out more of Lily Kate's Blogging World on Instagram