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 LOOK 1:


The night out with the girls is finally here but us girls never know what to wear or what to wear with it… So were here to help out! A night out on the town means dressing up with killer heels and amazing makeup and the Audrey navy dress is perfect for this type of occasion.You could pair the dress with nude or white strappy heels or even court heels and a matching clutch bag to go with of course! The makeup look for the night out is the most important bit, as the Audrey is a classic and simple dress you can be more bold on your makeup, a red lip and a Smokey toned eye would look gorgeous with it, and as there’s lace at the top you don’t want there to be too much going on with your hair so keep it straight or do an up do and you will be ready to hit the town!






A day out is coming up with friends, family or the boyfriend but its casual however you still want to look nice and girly! The Audrey navy dress is suitable for a day out as well as a night out on the town. Pair the dress with converse of your choice or ankle boots and a leather jacket and your day-to-day handbag, this look is perfect for a day out nothing to bold yet nothing to simple. Makeup time- Nude lips, and a clear shimmer shadow on the eye, as this gives the outfit something more and extra little touch of glamour. You could have your hair however you wanted, dead straight, in a pony tail, messy bun or curly whatever you wanted as its for the day time it depends on how you wanted your hair out for the day out! Preferably I would put my hair in a messy bun as it gives it a cuter edge and looks like you haven’t tried to hard however many times it might of taken you to get your ‘ messy bun’ the way you wanted it! This look will make sure you still look stylish and glam but not to over done…





A meal out with the family is tonight and you want to look sophisticated and classy and the Audrey navy dress is both of these things so you can’t go wrong. The dress would go lovely with a pair of black court heels and a small side bag in black, this shows elegance and you could have dead straight hair or loose curls either would look glamour’s for your meal out. Makeup time- Red lips or nude lips, with brown/golden tones for the eyes as this isn’t to intense for a meal with the family however it is slightly bold as the dress is so simple you want to add something extra to it to make you stand out!







Autumn/Winters Hottest Hair Trends

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The Gringe –


Ahhh, the ‘Gringe’, love child of ‘grown out’ and ‘fringe’ the name is pure genius. Perfect for those who like to leave it months between hair appointments and for those who love a more casual but cool hair style. The ‘Gringe’ is technically just semi grown out bangs, that gives an uber cool glam rock look, or even a super cute 90’s vibe. The Gringe is great because it is not limited to one stereotype, you can try a luxurious Holly Willoughby style Gringe, or a more indie take on the look like Made in Chelsea’s Jessica Woodley. This look can take you right through to summer with a grown out root or beachy blonde waves. Take the plunge, uncool curtains are a thing of the past now they’ve been rehashed by the hair elite.


Braids –


To most people braids are the most daunting of all hair trends, but fear not, done well, and done right, they can be make a statement like no other hairstyle. Remember to take your time with braids, practice makes perfect, it’s usually best to ask someone else to get your braids in check as unevenly parted French plaits are a no, no. One thing to remember about braids is to be considerate of the look you want to go for. Tight braids of 2 or more are great when channelling your inner Khloe Kardashian, they work well with street wear looks, paired with your favourite trainers and a leather jacket. 1 loose braid is great for an evening look with a distressed tousled look to the hair, one beachy French plait paired with a floaty evening dress brings a taste of summer even in February. Finally braids can be used for a crazy festival look braiding 3 sections from the front of your hair line to your crown and tying them in buns whilst letting the remaining hair hang loose can great a sassy festival look the spice girls would be envious of.


The Blunt Bob  -


Bobs have seen a crazy rise in popularity towards the end of 2015, more people are ditching the extensions in a bid to get healthy hair for summer! Thick blunt bobs are all the rage, gone are the days or the Pob or even the graduated bob, the 2016 trend is reliant on clean lines sharp enough to cut through any previous crazes. Extensions can be applied in a half head ratio to ensure minimal stress on hair but can thicken up a dull, fine bob. Use back combing techniques at the root to create volume, having a hair colour with darker roots also helps create the illusion of thicker hair, however dark hair also works well with this look giving the hair a healthier overall look.


And Finally…


The Faux Fringe-


You all remember Kendall Jenner’s AMA’s hair transformation, from no fringe to the trendiest fringe we’ve seen in a long time! Although we believe Kendall’s fringe was a little clip in number, the look is so easy to create at home with no scissors involved, it’s also great if your debating weather to get a fringe or not as it lets you see exactly what you’d look like after making the chop. It’s so simple, simply tie your hair into a high pony leaving a inch wide strand out of the ponytail, bend the hair over to create a bun shape leaving the excess hair poking out front ways and tie. This will create a fringe effect, style it and pull it forwards to create your desired look and with the remaining hair not in the pony, wrap this around the band of the bun to conceal the area where the faux fringe begins. This is the perfect look for a temporary rock chick look, and also allows you to explore creating different face shapes and silhouettes to frame your face! GIVE IT A GO!

3 Ways To Wear Your Laia Peach Lace Playsuit

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Our Laia Playsuit is one of our favourite pieces from the new Spring/Summer collection , not least is it designed with impeccable detail, from the scalloped lace turtle neck, to the edgy mesh paneling but it also is the perfect garment to take you from night to day! A romper is such a versatile piece as it’s not only classy but comfy, and every girl loves a pair of shorts to steer clear of the fear of flashing any unexpected strangers after getting caught in the ‘beautiful’ English weather… Jones and Jones know that in the bleak month of February planning ahead for your summer outfits is near on impossible and the creative juices run dry; So Here at HQ we’ve devised a fool proof list of ways to wear your Laia playsuit for any occasion. 

Dinner Date:

So you swiped right on Tinder, and here you are. Hot date, but no idea what to wear, we’ve got just the look to leave him pleased with his choice whilst staying classy and fierce. Peach is such a beautiful colour as it so close to a nude that it seems to go well with EVERYTHING! We suggest pairing your playsuit with a satin sheen clutch bag in a similar colour peach, alongside a pair of killer peach heels, the strappier the better, gold detailing for buckles and fastenings go amazingly with peach.  Cuff bracelets go perfectly with this feminine look creating a more edgy ‘I just threw this together’ look, even though we know you spent a good hour getting dressed. Finally the all important make up; A deep brown eye shadow can be used in your crease fading off to a more neutral tone alongside a earthy toned lipstick for a gorgeous matte result.


 Summer Garden Party Look:

 The nude playsuit is perfect for a summer outfit as it is casual yet formal, it can be dressed down and dressed up. The over sized cardigan goes well with the revealing playsuit as the look is for a garden party and it can get colder at night so a cute oversized cardigan can look gorgeous with a small tight outfit. Pair it with some small strappy pumps and your good to go, the strappy pumps make the outfit more of a party look and gives the outfit a edgy feel, the small brown side bag tops the outfit off with a summer look and a casual vibe.


Night Out: 

The gorgeous mesh playsuit is a perfect evening outfit as it can be dressed up and worn out in the evening. The high rise strappy heels make the outfit look edgy and perfect for a night out with the girls, the cute little playsuit contrasts well with the high rise heels, the golden toned eye shadow pallet goes perfectly with the playsuit as It gives it a better evening look and the Smokey eye make you stand out on your night out and give the outfit a more dramatic feel. The classy silver watch pulls the outfit together as it is subtle yet evening approiate. Once you have all the key accessories for your playsuit you will be able to hit the town!

Shop Laia Playsuit Here

Blogger Of The Week : Billie Philips

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This weeks ‘Blogger of The Week’ Billie Philips (Her blog can be found HERE) has left everyone at the jones and jones HQ longing for a hot holiday and a hair revamp! The usually dark haired vixen returns with a lighter summer style and shows off our Louise burn out dress to perfection!


Billie styles our Louise dress with some uber cool temporary tats showing that jones and jones isn’t just for party season but can be worn as a cool, boho casual statement. The strappy sandals take the Louise for a night to day ensemble. Billie lives in Australia so is not short of stunning locations to shoot in but has gone for an all round floral theme for this shoot, matching the gorgeous floral velvet design on the Louise dress. The Louise is actually now in our sale! It’s beautiful and tactile and made of the finest fabrics with a full skater skirt.


You can get Billie’s look HERE and check out Billie’s envy evoking Insta page HERE

Tan That Tops Them All: Make Believe Beauty

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Tan That Tops Them All: Make Believe Beauty

Last month the lovely ladies at Make Believe Beauty sent over a hamper of fabulous self tans for us to try at Jones and Jones and if this isn’t love then hell, I don’t know what is. I will be giving you a run down of the individual products, who I think they are best for and how they performed! But as an entire collection I must say I sure was impressed,. Going to bed looking like English weather in female form, and waking up feeling like I’d jet set to some Mediterranean destination, unfortunately, I hadn’t, but I looked it so thumbs up for that.


Self Tan Mist:

I’ll start with my ultimate tan from the brand, the self tan mist. If you are a tanaholic like me this is the tan for you. The darkest tan in the collection the self tan mist applies in a spray format that can then be rubbed in with the make believe mit. What I tend to do is use one side of the mit to rub the majority of the product in and then with the dryer side buff it into my skin. The mit is lined with a nice thick material ensuring no streaky fingers or looking like you’ve sunbathed with biker gloves on (sexy, I know). Back to the tan, although this tan is gorgeously dark it has green undertones which means, bye, bye orange and hello holiday skin! The green counteracts the orange tones and leaves you flawlessly golden. Also thumbs up for the fact these tans don’t flake off! Me being me, I forgot to take a before photo, but here are by prefectly tanned little legs after 2 applications of the mist!



Self Tan Lotion:

The self tan lotion is my substitute now for Johnsons Holiday Skin, only it smells a trillion times better! It’s a moisturizer that tans gradually over time. I love these kind of tans as they are so effortless, you don’t have that horrible panic before the weekend when you remember you haven’t tanned and 3 hours is not enough time to let anything develop , simply apply each day as you would normal moisturizers; after you shower or simply when you’re feeling dry! It will leave you deliciously smooth, no patches, no hassle. Although it’s not as dark as the mist it gives you that just got home from holiday glow that every girl lusts for, and smells like sun tan lotion!! (holiday in a bottle).


Gradual Tan Lotion:

The gradual tan lotion is I would say a combination of both the mist and the lotion best for those who want a quicker tan but prefer to use a lotion, which a lot of people do as it’s something they are familiar with. This tan is perfect for first time tanner who aren’t sure how dark they want to go as the tan can be intensified by adding layers each day you can judge your darkness and decide whether you need more. Perfect for indecisive people like me!


So overall I really enjoyed trying and playing around with this new brand of self tan, I believe it combines all the great tans in the industry and culminates in a high quality, fab smelling bundle of tanning goodness! SHOP THE FULL COLLECTION HERE