Your Holiday Beauty Checklist

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Holidays are getting nearer and the smell of the ocean is in the air, but what essentials are we packing in our travel bag, keep reading to find out our top holiday beauty staples...

BB Cream:

BB cream is probably the most important staple for any holiday toiletries bag. When the sun is high and sunbathing and pool parties are all that’s on your mind, a heavy foundation is a recipe for disaster. Patchy skin and melting make up is a no go, so investing in a good light bb cream can give you the colour and coverage you desire whilst still letting your skin breathe. You can find our favourite HERE.


Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoo, the holy grail of holiday essentials… When you are partying all day and night finding time to wash your hair is a killer. Not to mention girls holidays! 5 girls with one plug socket and a dodgy travel hair dryer only calls for hassle. Using a volumizing dry shampoo not only gives your hair an extra bounce but cloaks those nasty oils which are good for your hair but not good for your look. You can purchase our favourite HERE.


Sun Screen:

Sun screen gives us flash backs to our mum forcing us to coat our noses in jazzy white lotion and look like a lemon all day. But seriously a tan is cool, damaging your skin definitely isn’t. Invest in a good lotion, if you like to tan try an oil with spf, we find this enhances tan and decreases burn whilst still protecting your pretty little face. If not for any other reason sun screen is a favourite purely for the smell, you just cant beat it. You can find our choice HERE.


Nail Varnish:

A staple at home and still a staple on holiday, if your changing outfits every day and don’t want to be caught with clashing nails, take a look at your swimwear and take some colours away with you that compliment each kini. Sounds so silly but it can bring an outfit together, not to mention what girl doesn’t like doing their nails. Our top holiday nail varnish is HERE.



Not the most trendy of essentials, but really deodorant is so important when your going to me loving life in the sun the main thing you want to avoid is wet pits or worse, smelly pits. We really love one deodorant in particular and that Kiehl’s ‘superbly efficient’ deodorant cream. You may think ‘cream’ will make the armpits moist but this deodorant is impeccable dry pits all day and the perfect scent. You can purchase HERE.

Blogger of the Week : Funmi Alabi

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This weeks blogger of the week comes in the form of zany fashionista Funmi Alabi. Funmi looks divine as she challenges the idea that jones and jones is a feminine flirty brand and actually shows that our garments can  bed quirky and casual as well. Pairing her Violette navy skirt with converse and a striped pussybow blouse Funmi cololur coordinates perfectly and works the look flawlessly. Funmi gives a street edge and some attitude to the garment. Her short cropped hair is perfect for such a busy outfit adding a dose of chic and sophistication.

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How To: Wedding Attire

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Wedding season is right around the corner, and here at jones and jones we have got your wedding attire at the ready! No need to stress, whether you’re a Wedding guest, the Bridesmaid or the Bride! 



Here at jones and jones HQ our all time favourite dress is the Elsa pink midi, the sass and sophistication that the dress brings makes it the perfect outfit for a wedding guest. Have your hair in a up-do with loose curls falling from the bun, to give that effortless look even though it most likely took you hours!! Add a nude side clutch bag for all girl essentials… Wear a pair of strappy cross over nude heels to make sure that you stand out. Girl to girl nails are a must, go and get your nails done for a special occasion a oval shape to your nails with a pale nude colour and you will be the best dressed guest their.



4 words Audrey lilac tutu dress, nothing else needs to be said it is the perfect bridesmaid dress, classy and sophisticated. A pair of white strappy lace up heels goes beautifully with this dress. Every bridesmaid needs a bouquet of flowers and lilac and cream go perfectly with the dress and a pair of statement earrings for extra sass.



Here at Jones and Jones our new collection of dresses are perfect for summer even if the weather isn’t. The Jane cream lace maxi dress would make a gorgeous summer wedding dress. Add a pair of silver shimmery shoes to add some flare to such a simple yet beautiful dress, add a plain white-layered vale for elegance. A bouquet of white flowers at hand. Lastly place a silver subtle necklace onto your neck, as you still want to feel as amazing as you look even if your outfit is so simple. 

Holy Grail Lipsticks

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Ah, the question on everyone’s lips (See what I did there), with lip kits flying here, there and everywhere, and with celebrity endorsements clouding our judgments how are we to know which are really worth parting with cash on? Well here at jones and jones we’ve devised a list of our Holy Grail lipsticks in each of your favourite colours. We’ll cover liquid lipsticks, lip stains and every lip product along the way bringing you our top nude, red, coral, brown and pink lipsticks so you can shop without fear of receiving an over priced, over hyped lippie. HASSLE FREE.


NUDE: Nude is arguably the most popular shade of lipstick, not least because nude is such a broad colour, so there is a shade to suit everyone. However this makes finding the perfect nude an endless chore! The key to picking a good nude is making sure the pigment is strong and the coverage full as you can risk nude lipsticks looking slightly wishy washy if your lip shines through from beneath. That’s why we have chosen an Anastasia liquid lipstick. The lip-gloss format gives you the thick full coverage application, whilst drying matte to give an all over block colour. The colour we opted for is called ‘Pure Hollywood’, it’s the perfect balance between light and dark making it compatible with almost every skin tone, not only this it veers away from ‘foundation lips’ and is able to for a strong line on the lip without using liner. Its longevity is sensational! If you prefer a glossy lip, simply add a touch of clear gloss or Vaseline over the top to retain the colour whilst adding a glow.




CORAL: Our to die for coral shade comes from the wonderful people at The Balm cosmetics. The balm have got to be an all time favourite, best know for there ‘Lou Manizer’s’, don’t underestimate the power of their other products. This lipstick come with the cute name ‘Meet Matt(e) Hughes’ in colour ‘Honest’ giving your gloss a touch of personality. If you haven’t seen the balms products, the packaging is TO DIE FOR! The lipstick in particular has the best consistency of any liquid lipstick I have ever tried, it is not sticky, dries evenly and doesn’t flake off throughout the day. The colour is divine it sits between a nude and a coral with the perfect hint of orangey pink. When doing coral avoid extremely light or bright corals and go for more of a soft browny coral, or shocking reddy coral.




RED: Our all time favourite red lipstick comes in the form of ‘Supreme’ by MDM Flow. A brand started by a young designer which has since rocketed into stardom, now being featured on sites such as Nasty Gal. The pigment in these lipsticks are second to none, thick and creamy and offer complete coverage of the lips. We also are a sucker for this colour, often reds can be too deep or too light however this colour supplies the perfect amount of each and suits every skin time as the perfect ruby red. Pale or tanned this ones for you, plus the packaging is major and we would probably by it for that reason along. Inspired by old hip hop influences these lipsticks pack a punch in a classy gold tube.




BROWN: We had a toss up between Limecrime’s ‘Shroom’ and ‘Salem’ shades in liquid lipstick both epitomizing what we deem to be the perfect shade of brown. Shroom represents more of a tanned brown giving the look or luxury creamy leather whilst ‘Salem’ is a deep, dark brown for a dramatic look! Salem is for those looking to stand out where as Shroom is closer to a nudey brown. Either way these two shades kill it, and lime crime can do no wrong, amazing formula and the most beautiful colours around. Only bummer is they sell like hot cakes and come from abroad, lets cross our fingers they come to a UK supplier soon or we might just cry.




PINK: This is one for those on a budget and may come as a surprise to some! We actually found our favourite pink lipstick in good old New Look. Their lipstick range is genuinely faultless, we couldn’t believe it when we tried their lippies and they were everything we had been looking for; not too matte, not too creamy, just perfect! They glide on and look matte, but don’t dry the lips. The shade ‘Candy Pink’ is by far our favourite it blends so many subtle shades of pink to create a muted creamy pink. Fabulous, and just a dream on the lips, honestly for £4.99 you have got to check it out!!




We hope this helps you when making your lipstick decisions, there are many great brands out there but these have got to be up there with our go to lippies in each of our favourite categories!

Blogger of the Week : Tiffany Borland

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Our blogger of the week is the total babe Tiffany Borland. Classic, chic and edgy she does jones and jones in the best way possible. Coming all the way from Los Angeles she shows us how they do style across the pond. Blogging over at Tiffany mixes a clean, raw aesthetic with unique adventurous composition. Wearing our Francesca Dress Tiffany oozes minimalism and she does it just right, the lace sits beautifully against her caramel skin and she gives us pure summer vibes, posing cutely she shows she isn’t shy of the camera. She shows of the delicate open back of the Francesca and pairs with a long chain bag and gladiator heels. This dress is wearable, yet dressy and we think Tiffany exudes this perfectly, she looks like she could be lunching with friends with the addition of her dark black sunnies, but also looks as though she could be stepping out for a night on the town. Either way, she kills it.

For more amazing Fashion Inspo follow Tiffany on Instagram