Blogger Of The Week : Billie Philips

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Blogger of the Week this week is the Gorgeous Billie Philips, who looks amazing in our Jones and Jones Sofia Monochrome Dress. The perfect party dress which oozes class, sexiness, and an all round girly dress which is perfect for the party season approaching. Billie looks amzing in the Sofia dress, pairing it with black strappy heels, keeping it simple to not take away attention from the beautiful floral print on the dress.

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And similarly in this dress I’m wearing from Jones and Jonesthe contrast between the elegant white with floral detailing and the deep black creates a striking and eye-catching piece of clothing. I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous dress with its asymmetrical cut and free-flowing skirt, a piece that I will admire forever, just like I will admire the world’s contrasting elements.

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How To: Party Make-Up

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How To - Party Make-Up

Although winter bears with it freezing winds and short days, one thing good that comes from winter are the influx of parties that it brings with it. From Christmas parties to New Years celebrations there is no shortage of events to attend even if the weather is against us! Here at jones and jones we supply the ultimate party dresses but after you have the perfect dress there is still the crucial factor of make up so we have given you a run down of our favorite go to  winter party looks to get you in the festive spirit and ready for a festive boogey.


1)   The Cut Crease-


 When stepping out to a party, subtle day make up just wont do, winter is all about dark and dramatic eye looks using warm earthy tones from deep burgundy’s to soft charcoals. The cut crease is an amazing way to switch up a otherwise boring make up. Using darker shadows to create a defined line in the crease of your eye dividing your eyelid and brow bone in a cat like effect not only accentuates your existing eye shapes it draws your eyes out to ensure they look more sultry and deep.


2)   Double Winged Eyeliner-

Creating a double wing on your liner adds a new spin on the classic liquid liner,  it gives you the opportunity to experiment and can also be used on the inner lash line to create a more feline-esque looking eye, which can be filled in with  white liner to enhance the size of your eyes. Double wings do take a while to master so make sure to give it ton of practice before your big night, but practice makes perfect and like victoria’s angels you will earn your wings.


3)   Dark Lips –

Don’t be scared of a bold pale skinned dark lip look, in the winter maroons, burgundy’s and browns work best that create a glamorous gothic look, think Jenny Humphreys circa season 4! Make sure to line your lips before hand so as to create a clean edge and gorgeous lip shape. Also don’t forget as it’s winter try and pick up a moisture rich lipstick to banish the dry lips for good. Mac’s Cyber, Mehr and Retro are great for this look.



Last of all invest in a setting spray, Urban Decays ‘all nighter’ spray works a treat and Model in a Bottle is also another great product. There’s no point putting on your make up for it to wear off in your finest hour.

Badass Bond Girls

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007 may be the lead action hero, but the women around him are true warriors, theirs no Bond without Bond girls. The title of a Bond Girl can be loosely applied to many characters appearing throughout the films. They could be a love interest of Bond either as an ally or a villain, someone who is simply encountered along the way, essential to Bond's mission, or perhaps just providing a pleasing distraction either as a main character or in the background. Often containing double-entendre names, there have been double-crossers, enemy agents, bimbos, psychics, heiresses and even nuclear physicists to name a few.


As time has moved on, the role of the Bond Girl has been continually changing. Characters are becoming distinctly more complex, given extra scope, and traditional boundaries are becoming blurred. One thing is certain though. As long as there is James Bond, there will always be Bond Girls. These girls will be eternal members of an elite club that hold the title of 'Bond Girl' whether it be past, present or future. Fiesty and fierce, here are some of the coolest female sidekicks of James Bond that have graced our screens.

Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder

Dr No | 1962

The original Bond girl is, to us, still the best. When Ursula Andress--playing Honey Ryder-stepped out of the sea in a white bikini, she set a standard for every Bond girl to follow. 

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore

Goldfinger | 1964


Honors character paved the way for a stronger female lead as a criminal, a lesbiam, a pilot and the leader of an all female aviation group.

Gloria Hendry as Rosie Carver

Live And Let Die |1973


Gloria was the first black woman to romance Bond, abd accessorised her bikini with weapons and a face that meant business.

Grace Jones as May Day

A View To Kill | 1985


Eccentirc singer Grace played one of the coolest and deadliest, female characters ever in a Bond film, possessing superhunamsn superhuman strength and donning various leather get-ups. 

Denise Richards as Christmas Jones

The World Is Not Enough | 1999

She wasn't the typical choice, but Denise's Bond girl, a nuclear physicist, swapped the sexy swimsuit scenes for a Lara Croft vibe.

Blogger Of The Week : Frey De Fleur

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The Fabulous Freya who runs Blog Frey De Fleur looks AMAZING in our jj Studio Margot Grey and Glitter Tutu Dress. A favourite of everyones, the Margot dresses are fun, flirty, girlie and glamourous. Featuring a off the shoulders bodice, fitted waist with a full and flare tulle skirt, this dress is made for your ultimate Princess moment. Freya styled the Margot Grey and Glitter Tutu Dress perfectly for Autumn, with a off the shoulder knitted cross-over jumper, and lace tie up black pumps. The Margot dress is part of our jj Studio Premium Collection, the dress comes in a range of colors. 

Read Frey De Fleur Blog Here ...


Jones & Jones dresses are made with love here in London so I thought there was no where better to take my latest blog post photos than on Westminster bridge! After a spot of lunch in central we strolled along the river and stopped to admire the beautiful view of the Houses of Parliament. 

Whenever I have a Jones & Jones dress on the quality feels exceptional and I’m so proud that it’s made here in Britain. If you’re a strong believer in ethical fashion and local production like me then Jones & Jones is a brand you will love.The brand is known for its girlie glamour and when I saw their Autumn/Winter collection I couldn't resist adding this super cute Grey and Glitter Tutu Dress to my wardrobe. My favourite design from their new range is this Margot Style as the tulle ballerina skirt is full of femininity and perfect for winter balls and wine bars. It’s available in black and red too but I thought this shade of grey was so chic. Its hard not to feel like a princess in all these layers of tulle...

Jones & Jones dresses classically create a flirty full-skirted silhouette which is brought in to a flattering shape at the nipped-in waist. This dress is no different and the off shoulder design adds a touch of glamour to the dress. With the weather turning so grey and chilly I styled this dress with an off the shoulder knitted cross-over jumper. 

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60's Youth Fashion

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From Edie Sedgwick to Jean Shrimpton the 60’s was never short of an icon or two, many influencers shaped the fashion world and fashion meant everything from how you winged your liner to how high your boots climbed up your thigh. Mary Quant (Although not technically the first to design the mini skirt) created a hysteria among women who’s hemlines began to creep up higher and gone were the days of Dior’s new look and cinched in hourglass waist lines, for in it’s place the trend of boyish, childlike figures reigned over the fashion world.


Physchedlic colours and vivid patterns replaced cold blacks and a new lease of life was given to ordinary wardrobe essentials , inspired by pop art and geometric shapes, simply replacing a garments existing colours with bright, fun and youthful patterns breathed life into the fashion scene as people become more daring and creative with their style. Shift dresses were also a hit in the 60’s , dress were designed to look ‘undesigned’ with straight bodies and no shape,  you would think they would have looked unflattering. However this was not the case time and thought had gone into these designs to look effortless takes a lot of effort you know. Paired with knee high flat white vinyl boots (much like the more recent Dior designs) ladies outfits screamed mod and gave of a vivacious cute vibe. Drop hemlines were all the rage, redefining the traditional waist and going in the opposite direction of fashion in the past. Look out for shift dresses and dropped waists in jones and jones new collections, which are highly influenced by the cute and chic designs of the 60’s.


Hair and make up also saw drastic changes in the 60’s beehive hairstyles and grown out bangs contrasted next to one and other for a disjointed bouffant look. Winged eyeliner in unconventional designs, such as double wing and ultra thick liner kept in line with the pop art theme and added to the doe eyed model look of the decade. Bottom lashes were also hot on the scene creating dimension and adding a pop of detail to the eye. Cut  creases and colour block makeup also blew up, the youth controlled the fashions and what they said went.