Blogger of the Week : Charlie Stote

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Jones and Jones love collaborating with Bloggers  and we love seeing posts and pictures from Bloggers in Jones and Jones dresses from all around the world. This week we feature Charlie Stote, from France. Charlie wears Jones and Jones Rikki Paisley Print Dress ( also available in black). 

A perfect Spring/ Summer dress every girl needs in their wardrobe, a versatile dress, the Rikki dress can be worn for any occassion, including, work, a night out, evening dinner and drinks or on holiday like Charlie has blogged about. Featuring a gorgeous print, the Rikki Paisley Dress features a clinched in waist, capped sleeves, high neckline and Jones and Jones iconic skater skirt. 

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The Festival Edit

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Festivals have got to be the best thing about summer, not only do they give you a chance to kick back with friends and allow you to dance until your shoes come of they also are the perfect opportunity to get your best outfit out of the closet and show off your summer style. Just like festivals, there are so many different outfits you can choose and we at jones and jones understand that not everyones the same; so whether you’re headed to Glastonbury in your wellies or Coachella in your flower crown, we have a look for you. So here is a run down of our favourite festival outfits at jones and jones.


Look 1: Boho Babe

This is one for those heading somewhere sunny for their festival. This look gives us pure hippie vibes and screams Vanessa Hudgens from every angle. This is for the free spirits, the chilled party goers and those simply their to let loose. We have paired our stunning bell sleeve Kathryn dress (our favourite dress ever!) with a floppy sunhat in black to keep a little edge to outfit and to ensure we achieve the perfect monochrome look. We’ve teamed this with some knee high strappy gladiator sandals that are a staple in any girls wardrobe, festival or no festival. These add a delicate touch to the outfit and match the softness of the exaggerated sleeves of the Kathryn and the flouncy nature of the sun hat. This tassel back pack completes the outfit! Finally add some face gems along the brow line for a touch of added sparkle and accessories with a chunky vintage ring and milky gemstone.


Look 2: Rock Chick Vibes

This outfit is slightly more daring but just as fantastic. We’ve chosen our Brodie crop top for this look, as the most versatile piece in our new collection in white denim Brodie is one to buy! It goes with everything but we especially love it with these cute tassel tan shorts from New Look, pair with a mustard biker as a unique alternative to your classic black jacket. Festivals are all about earthy colours so these two items are bang on trend. And now to the best part…these Jeffrey Campbell bikers! We’ve had our eyes on these for a while, the studs, the black, the quality, everything is too die for. We added a black fedora hat put this is optional, if you decide against the hat opt for beachy waves. Add some chunky accessories and your ready to seize the day.


Look 3: Pretty in Print

This one is for the girly girls who’ve still got a bit of a kick, we chose our Rita co ord set as a base for this one. We understand that print is tricky so keeping a one tone colour palette to accessories is crucial. For this outfit we have chosen black. We love shaggy jackets they scream festival in any look, available at lovers and drifters, nasty gal and many online store there not short of supply. Add a flower crown in a colour that matches the print, in this case blue. Complete the look with some strappy cut out boots and some thin thumb rings.

How To: Pool Side Make Up

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 Poolside make up is something every girl dreads! There are so many questions when it comes to make up for around the pool, how can you make your make up look natural whilst still covering your imperfections? How can you stop your make up sliding off your face in the heat? And what make up should you wear to ensure you still catch a facial tan? We at jones and jones have put together a life saving list of things you can do for flawless, bronzy poolside make up.

1. Use a BB Cream or thin foundation:

Mac’s face and body foundation is perfect for this! Water based foundations are often much lighter on the skin, BB creams also do the same. Having a lightweight foundation is absolutely crucial when around the pool, thick foundation and heat are not a good mix, feeling sweaty and uncomfortable is not the goal. BB creams add colour to your face an help to cover imperfections whilst still allowing your skin to breathe and allowing elements like freckles and beauty spots to show through. Don’t be afraid to pencil in some freckles if your not blessed in this department with a light brown eyebrow pencil for that sun kissed look.

2. Avoid powders:

Powders and pools are a recipe for disaster, not only are powders heavy on the skin but they do not sit well with oil or water. They become cakey easily when in contact with either and when you are planning to dip in and out the pool and apply suntan lotion its best to avoid this to prevent any mishaps on the skin. If you are worried about your makeup sliding without powder simply use a setting spray (available here). Also, remember that on holiday you want your skin to have a bit of oil so that it looks healthy and once again, natural. Make sure to drink plenty of water and hydrate your skin with moisturizer to maintain its glow. Use blotting papers in place of powder to ensure your face has just the right amount of shine throughout the day.

3. Get waterproof right:

These days EVERYTHING is waterproof! Eyeshadows, lipsticks, even foundations! But just remember, just because something exists, doesn’t mean you need it. Stick to as little makeup as possible, wearing a lipstick around the pool can often look silly so sticking with a traditional lip conditioner keeps your lips looking moisturized and natural. A waterproof mascara is essential, as most girls know, mascara is what completes a make up look, it is what makes you look like you have make up on. Invest in a good mascara and everything else will fall into place (we recommend this!). Again; waterproof eye shadow, is it nessesary? No.  Keep it simple, only use what you need and don’t waste money investing in every waterproof item you can find.

4. Invest in some crème bronzers and blushes:

We personally think blushers and bronzers are so important in terms of poolside make up, when a full highlight and contour isn’t an option blusher and bronzer can be used to add colour to the face and also add depth and shape to lift the face and give that ‘just been for a jog in the sun’ look. They also blend into your light foundation seamlessly giving the illusion that your skin is tanned and your cheeks are rosey, NOT YOUR MAKEUP. Apply your cream blush the apples of your cheeks and apply your bronzer where the sun would usually hit your face to ensure that you achieve the most believable skin ever.


 Thank us later! 


Festival Season: Make Up

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So as our Instagram feeds become drenched in sun soaked images of gorgeous girls styled to perfection for Coachella, it got us at jones and jones thinking about the beauties of festival makeup. Festivals are a chance to shy away from the conservative makeup of daily life and really create a look bursting with personality and full of colour and glitz. So we have created a list of things to try when planning your festival make up and beauty looks, simple yet effective and breathtaking to the eye.


Gems and Glitz:

Gems and glitter are the beginners trick for festivals, easy to do and super affordable too. They are great as they are easy to build up, you can start small and try more complex looks the more confident you become. A great look for those whos first time it is dabbling in the art of gems. Simply grab some coloured gems (available here) and use them to line your brow line! follow the natural shape of your brows carrying them across the gap that bridges your two eye brows, place the roughly a cm above the brows and try and leave half a cm gap between each gem. Don't panic if you place one wrong they can be easily removed and re-stuck. Try buying preglued gems to avoid mess, but eyelash glue works just as well. Try alternating colours for a multicoloured madness on the eyes. For added effect place a gem in the inner corners of your eyes to make them really pop. In terms of glitter, placing glitter at along the temple looks fab you can get amazing glitter in a selection of colours HERE. If you are feeling brave slick the side of your hair behind your ear and bring the glitter up onto the hair, this creates an awesome effect and is easily washed out. For sticking the glitter to the face, I love to use Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream, IT WORKS A TREAT!



There are so many ways to go crazy with colour during festival season, first things first is for the eyeliner fanatics. Try using a coloured liquid eyeliner instead of a black liner, electric blues and hot pink work a treat and it means you dont have to worry about the rest of your eye make up as your liner does all the talking. Another trick I like to use for a burst of colour on my face is to use Holi powder paint (Available here), typically used at the Holi Festival of Colour for paint fights. Pop one of these powder paints on a fluffy bronzer brush and lightly puff it onto  your temple and side of your face, try using a selection of colours to create a sunset look or mix blues and purples for a deep sea feel. You can combine this look with the glitter for a real mermaid effect. Finally try adding a bold lip in a stand out colour you would otherwise shy away from, check out Limecrime for some statement colours in pigmented matte formulas.



I know this is a post about make up but hair cant be forgotten, try out some braiding skills for fool proof hair goals. Try plaiting along your centre parting roughly an inch and a half wide and tie in a cute ponytail at your crown! or try out some cute space buns making sure to let your baby hairs and wisps fall around your face for a boho look with a hint of 90's. If your not great with styling your hair simply pick up some hair chalk (available here) from your local supplier and run it randomly through chunks of hair, make sure you do dot the chalk around so as to create a bayalage effect rather than a block look, hair chalks are great as they easily wash out and colours can be combined for a flawless look. Use a thick barrelled curling wand to create beachy wave and voila you are now a festival godess.


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Our brilliant team of designers at jones and jones are always on the look out for the best trends of the season and try and give them a twist of their own! We have been hunting through the pages of Vogue and have pin pointed some major trends set to be HUGE this string, and of course we have made it easy for you to get hold of them all with our own range of on trend pieces. So look no further all the trends you need to know this season are to follow!



As the sun begins to peep through the clouds and we Brits begin to ponder how we can make the transition from cold winter nights to warm spring days, having your shoulders on display seems the obvious first step. Everything from Bardot dresses to simple cut out details have hit the runway and now everyone wants a bit of shoulder action. This trend screams boho chic, think Coachella, flower crowns and Vanessa Hudgens. But this trend is not just for the hippie free spirits but can also be worn in a structured sleek ensemble to create striking lines for a powerful look. We have chosen our Kylie dress as an alternative for designs seen from the likes of Sonia Rykiel and Peter Pilotto. The kylie dress combines frills and mesh to create a daringly girly yet daringly strong overall look. In navy and black this dress breaks all the fashion rules and my God it works. It’s delicate off the shoulder sleeve and asymmetric hem line are bang on trend and you can purchase your very own right HERE.



Slips aren’t just for bedtime! Yes, you heard it here. Don’t be afraid to rock a slip style dress as a fashion statement, in keeping with the romantic trends seen this Spring slips are dainty and delicate and perfect for ladies looking for that perfect summer staple. Paired with anything from a leather jacket for a grunge look, to a fur shawl for a more luxury feel. We have chosen our Adriana as the perfect alternative to the slip dress, complete with floral detail it is perfect for those summer evenings.  Every design house including the likes of Celine have been going mad for this trend it’s simple, easy, yet ultra glamorous and gives that fresh, natural, ‘just out of bed’ look.



Anything metallic or sparkly is a hit with consumers this year, think futuristic, out there fashion. 2016 is the year to be bold, don’t shy away behind the crowd and do something that will get you noticed! Two tone sequins and mash ups of colour are the best way to rock this trend don’t be afraid to pair bold blues with daring reds and dress yourself in mermaid inspired gems for that crazy summer look. We have chosen our mermaid Adele dress as your perfect glittery go to, with green and blue two tone sequins layered under a super ubran and chic mesh over coat. Switch it up with this unique design and wear with or without the top layer to take you through the seasons!